9 October 2018 Maarten


Living in a design exhibition


After the big success of last year, you can “wander” again through a house full of design. This time not in a clients’ house but in the new home of the designers and curators Studio Thier & van Daalen. During the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven they will temporarily live in a design exhibition and open the doors to the public.

Last year, the designers of Studio Thier & van Daalen designed a remarkable kitchen and curated the ‘voyeuristic exhibition’ in the newly renovated ‘30s home of friends. This year they are happy to show their own recently renovated 1960s house with studio at home designed by architects W. van Hagen and J. Hurkmans. The unique style of the house, of nine houses in a row, three stories high each, is better known as the ‘Bossche School’. Space and balanced proportions play an important role as well as the materials wood, concrete and brickwork.

After Iris van Daalen en Ruben Thier became the proud owners of this building at the beginning of this year, they have rebuilt, renovated, and designed a lot by themselves, preserving the beautiful windows, voids, steel stairs and special architectural details. ‘A beautiful architectural experiment’, they call it themselves. The designers worked together with various companies including Mosa, Forbo, Caracterr and Baars & Bloemhoff in order to accomplish their ideas. With this successful result, Studio Thier & van Daalen shows that in addition to designing lamps and accessories, they can design and realize complete interiors as well.

Just like last year, Thier & van Daalen will most splendidly take on the role of curator For The Young Collectors they curate sustainable and timeless designs from both Dutch and international designers that fit within the walls of this special home.

During the exhibition you will find trays and a cupboard of veneer by designer Jeroen Wand. He often uses materials that we won’t appreciate immediately; such as paper, PVC or veneer. With these ‘underestimated’ materials and special production methods he makes an unexpected as well as an attractive collection. Jonas Lutz, who lives and works in Rotterdam, created new objects especially for the exhibition such as vases and dishes for the ‘Carved Ceramics’ series made from a plaster mold in negative. Marleen Kurvers presents herself with the unique concept of gallery Oode in Amsterdam. In her gallery she sells both designs from young Dutch designers as well as ‘orphaned art’ from the depots of now closed Dutch museums. For The Young Collectors she selected a number of special ‘orphaned’ works that hopefully will find a second life on someone’s wall.

Thier & van Daalen will also decorate the house with their own work; like new wall shelves and candlesticks of recycled Polyethylene for the Plastic Mine collection and new mirrors.

‘We want to show the designs in a context, instead of traditionally placing it on a pedestal’. In this way Thier & van Daalen will soon be living in a temporarily design exhibition and bring a lifestyle magazine to life.


a curated expo by Studio Thier&vanDaalen with:

Alei Verspoor, Clesse Constant, Earnest studio, Jeroen Wand, Jonas Lutz, Maarten Baptist, Michael Rem, Noortje de Keijzer, OODE Gallery, Raw Color, Room for Milk, Stine Aas, Studio Thier&vanDaalen, Tools for Progress, Vantot, Vij5, Ward Wijnant and partners Baars & Bloemhoff, Caracterr, Forbo, Mosa and media partner Woth in their new home and studio.


Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, from 20 – 28 October 2018

The Young Collectors II, Populierenweg (Strijp)

daily open 11.00 – 18.00h


text: Viveka van de Vliet

poster& flyer: Noortje de Keijzer

curators & interior: Iris van Daalen en Ruben Thier

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