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Dutch Design Week 2017

My map to the Dutch Design Week 2017. Whenever I am travelling, I try to find a local guide. For this edition of the Dutch Design Week, I tried to compile such a map about Eindhoven. There are too many things to see, and many nice exhibitions and events are not located on the main event areas in the city. That’s why I made a nice big map. You can find this real printed map on the locations mentioned on this Google map. You can use this map to make notes on what you’d like to see. Besides the restaurants where I go all-year-round, I added my favourite markets and shops. And of course, it’s Dutch Design Week! 25 of my colleague-designers are on this map with their presentations.

Additional to this map, you can buy and use my freshly designed TUBE cutlery and Outline cutlery in the restaurants on this map.

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017: October 21st – 29th 2017

-1- Maarten Baptist at Piet Hein Eek
-2- Job van den Berg
-3- Olivier van Herpt
-3a- Kiki and Joost
-4- Saturday bio market
-5- Ontwerp Label VIJ5
-6- JURC
-9- MAFAD Students
-10- Jeroen Wand
-11- Pizzeria La Vita è Bella
-12- Record market
-13- Radio Royaal
-14- Ontwerpstudio Annelies Hermsen
-16- Kazerne
-17- Restaurant Wiesen
-18- Dutch Invertuals: Fundamentals
-19- RPEL
-20- Jessica den Hartog
-21- Bart Hess
-22- Eindhovenaar
-23- Design Daily’s Digesting Outlines
-24- Sander Wassink
-25- BeanBrothers city coffee
-26- Bar Bistro Calypso
-27- Hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne
-28- Lucas Maassen and friends
-29- Chinese Restaurant Mei Wah
-30- De-spot Vintage Design

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