100 Paper Coffee Filters

100 Paper Coffee Filters


This food-safe paper coffee filters are made from 100% paper, and custom fit to the STACK glass items. The filters are sold in sets of 100 filters. This paper is 100% bio degradable. The paper filter gives a flat pouring service wat gives a more equal coffee extraction. After preparing the drip coffee the filter can easily be removed and the glass can be cleaned.

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Delightful morning rituals can make a day. Aromas of lightly toasted bread and freshly ground coffee set the mood, but the lightness and perfection of the objects we handle first thing in the morning complete the picture, adding sophistication to our daily routine. Designed to perfection, the STACK is a series of intelligent glasses and dishware that fit flawlessly into one another. With a subtle colour palette of soft Jade Green, Smoky Grey and Milky White that is set off by Crystal-Clear elements, the series is stunning in its minimalist yet playful appearance. Delicate yet durable laboratory glass allows the objects to be incredibly lightweight, and this makes stacking them simply delightful.

Stack the Coffee Filter on top of the Jade Green Short Glass and place a paper filter inside. After pouring a small amount of boiling water through the filter to wet the paper and heat up the glass, add roughly ground coffee beans. Drip a little water onto the coffee and let it bloom and rise, waiting for oily bubbles to appear on the surface before pouring over the rest of your water. Aim for it to pass through the filter in approximately two minutes. 

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Weight ,2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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