Glass tableware by Joe Colombo for ‘Arno’ made in Italy

Glass tableware by Joe Colombo for ‘Arno’ made in Italy

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Experience the unparalleled elegance of the ‘Arno’ glass service, attributed to the renowned Italian designer Joe Colombo. Each piece encapsulates Colombo’s distinct design philosophy, with seamlessly flowing geometric shapes that cast a spellbinding silhouette. Crafted using the 1960 glass press technique, these vintage cups exude a unique charm. I’ve carefully selected the finest items, each bearing minor imperfections that only enhance their character. As these treasures grow scarcer with time, seize the opportunity to own a remarkable piece of design history that carries the marks of both eras gone by and cherished memories. Limited availability.


Glass service by Joe Colombo for ‘Arno’ designed by Industrial designer Joe Colombo. Colombo was instrumental to the rise of Italian modernism throughout the 1960s, designing objects, furniture and interiors that had an attention to systems and functionality, without compromising the verve of the design.

The geometric characteristics of this set create a striking continuity of silhouettes across the pieces, with the pressed glass allowing the contents to appear suspended above the table surface.

Coffee / Tea cup D 8.5cm x W 10.5cm x H 6cm
Espresso cup D 6.5cm x W 5.5cm x H 5cm
Coffee / Tea Saucers D 14cm x W 14cm
Espresso Saucers D 10,5cm x W 10,5cm
Sugar bowl D 9cm x W 9cm x H 9cm
Milk jug D 7cm x W 9cm x H 8.5cm
Breakfast plate D 21,5cm x W 21,5cm
Dinner plate D 23cm x W 23cm
Egg cup / Candel holder D 5cm x W 5cm x H 5.5cm

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