Outline cutlery 6 Latte / Sorbet spoons 21 cm / 8.27 inch

Outline cutlery 6 Latte / Sorbet spoons 21 cm / 8.27 inch

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Latte/Sorbet Spoons set of 6, a functional and stylish addition to your cutlery collection. These 21 cm / 8.27-inch Latte spoons are available in glossy, matte, black, and limited edition rainbow finishes. Perfect for finishing your perfectly crafted coffee latte or stylish matcha bubble tea drink. Despite its delicate appearance, this long spoon is crafted from super sturdy stainless steel. Where design meets function in every stir. Indulge in the art of enjoying your beloved ice cream or cleaning out the last bit of your yogurt with these precision-crafted spoons, ensuring your rituals are always complemented by impeccable design.

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Available in glossy, matte, black, and limeted editoin rainbow finishes, each spoon in this set is a testament to precision and style, capturing the essence of the OUTLINE collection. The glossy finish exudes sophistication, the matte radiates modern elegance, black adds a touch of boldness, and the rainbow brings a vibrant twist to your table setting.

The OUTLINE Latte/Sorbet Spoons set of 6. These 21 cm / 8.27-inch long spoons are designed to elevate your latte experience and add a touch of sophistication to your cutlery collection. Not just for lattes, these spoons are also perfect for indulging in sorbets and other delightful desserts.

For those who find it challenging to choose, I’ve curated a special set comprising two matte, two black, and two glossy Latte/Sorbet Spoons. Each spoon is more than just an accessory; it’s a design object that mirrors the contemporary aesthetic of the OUTLINE series.

– Espresso Spoon 100 mm / 3.94″ inch
– Coffee Spoon 120 mm / 4.72″ inch
– Latte / Sorbet Spoon 210 mm / 8.27″ inch
– Small Breakfast Spoon 161 mm / 6.34″ inch

– Available Finishes: Classic Glossy / Black PVD Coating (extremely strong) / Matte Finish (vintage feeling)
– 18/08 Stainless steel
– 100% Dishwasher safe
– Designed and produced by Maarten Baptist since 2001″

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OUTLINE latte spoons

6 glossy latte spoons, 6 matte latte spoons, 6 black latte spoons, 2 glossy 2 matte 2 black latte spoons, 6 ‎rainbow latte spoons ( ‎Limited Edition )

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