Zani & Zani UNI / Unitre cutlery 1971 by Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri

Zani & Zani UNI / Unitre cutlery 1971 by Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri

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One of my favorit cutlery’s. It’s designed by Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri, first discoverd it on the cover of the book “Modern European Cutlery Design 1948-2000”. There is a glossy set and satin finished set ( glossy set including original box ). Made in Italy by Toscolano.

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Iconic design by Zani & Zani UNI / Unitre cutlery, designed in 1971 by Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri. This remarkable set features a sleek stainless steel construction, with a distinctive cylindrical knife handle and semicircular fork and spoon.

Designed with functionality in mind, the dished grips of the fork and spoon can be neatly laid alongside the knife handle, allowing the pieces to seamlessly fit together. For convenient storage and protection, the cutlery set comes with a black plastic sheathe.

Despite its vintage origins, this cutlery set appears remarkably new, with only a few traces of previous use. Each piece carries a sense of timeless elegance and retains its unique design characteristics.

Embrace the enduring style and practicality of the Zani & Zani UNI / Unitre cutlery set. Experience the artistry of Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri, and enhance your dining experience with this exceptional vintage collection.

Stainless stel Knife-handle cylindrical in section. Fork and spoon semicircular in section, dished grips can be laid like half grips round the knife handel to fit together into a black plastic sheathe. This cutlery from 1971 looks new all have a few traces of use.

Dimensions Knife 18 cm, fork 18 cm, spoon 18 cm.


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Glossy set including box ( 12 ), Glossy set including box ( 11 ), Glossy set including box ( 5 ), Matte finish ( used but re-polished )

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