The Vintage Photo Dutch deisgn week 2013

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The vintage Photo, A Crowd sourced visual document of the Dutch Design Week 2013

A shared fascination for old cameras and a love for that anxiety when picking up your holiday pics at the photo shop was our ‘kick up the butt’ to host The Vintage Photo.

During DDW ’13 we, a group of Dutch designers, rent out analogue cameras to the public and serve good-old filter coffee. Together with everyone renting the cameras we will create a crowd sourced visual document of the Dutch Design Week. Every day 100 Vintage Photographers (this could be you!) will head out to shoot the most obscure parties, interesting exhibitions and their dinner with the family at a small pop-up restaurant on that new design location. The photos will all be compiled on TheVintagePhoto.com, as an informal overview of the week. The three locations, the coffee and the food are designed by a host of designers in collaboration with the big names in the industry: MIKO coffee, Gabriel, Vitra, Verotex, Canoof, Lensvelt, Mackelijk, City Foto, Webprint.

For 15 euro you will get a day of old-fashioned photo fun and your photos sent home shortly after Dutch Design Week. Come and rent your favourite vintage camera!

Our Locations
Centaal Station, Stationsplein
Witte dame, Lichtplein
Strijp-S, Ketelhuisplein
Van Abbemuseum, Bilderdijklaan 10

An idea of
Maarten Baptist, JOINE—Office for Design
Thomas Dahm, Graphic Design Studio
Ellen Zoete, Freelance Editor

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