18cm / 7″ wavy teeth hair comb

18cm / 7″ wavy teeth hair comb


The smallest of this series of 3, this comb has 3 different sizes of teeth. With 18 cm it’s more compact than your average comb. Its teeth are slightly thinner, for extra combing comfort. Made out of a 2 mm stainless steel, polished with a high gloss finish.


Maarten Baptist is curious by nature. In all his work, this curiosity comes to life in playful and useful objects. And that also goes for the TUBE series. As a starting point he asked himself the question: “What kind of items can I create from a stainless-steel tube with a 3D laser cutter?” The first result of his search was the coat rack made of one piece, with the hooks cut out of the tube. That item formed the basis for what has become the TUBE series.

It is always his aim to create a functional and aesthetic product, in which the production process can still be seen. An advantage of the combination of this technique and this material is that it lends itself perfectly to both small and large quantities.

In addition to his own curiosity, he likes to talk to people who can inspire him at the most unexpected moments. For example, after the presentation of his TUBE cutlery during the Dutch Design Week 2018, he heard two elderly ladies joke that the spoon from that series looked a bit like a shoehorn. The result? Maarten made a bigger and heavier version of that spoon and his TUBE Shoehorn was born. And one thing led to another: from shoehorn to comb and from comb to a phone stand. The next item he hopes to present in the short term: a clothes brush. And so the TUBE Home & Office collection continues to expand organically.

There are 6 different combs:
Keychain comb: 7,6cm / 3″ ( link )
Beard comb (left and right handed) 13,5cm / 5,3″ ( link )
Hair comb with handle (left and right handed) 21,2cm / 8,3″ ( link )
18cm / 7″ different length teeth hair comb ( link )
20cm / 7,9″ wide hair comb ( link )
23cm / 9″ hairdressers comb ( link )

The combs are polished, making them nice and smooth and not sharp. Only white dots appear in the surface due to polishing.

Indestructible durable combs, for every hair type but particularly suitable for thick and frizzy hair. This comb lasts for a long time unlike plastic combs that wear out and can break.

Ideal grooming gift for him / husband / dad / grandpa. Industrially manufactured by 3D laser cutting, then finished and polished by hand. The designer’s name is laser engraved into the combs.

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