The Dutch Design Souvenir Photo @ Eindhoven design week 2014

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The Vintage Photo, a Crowd sourced visual document of the Dutch Design Week 2014

The 2014 Vintage Photo edition is produced in collaboration with ’T Koffiehuisje at Strijp-S. A selection of the crowd sourced visual document from Dutch Design Weeks ’12 and ’13 is exhibited in this great coffee bar.

On the terrace of ’T Koffiehuisje we are hosting a gorgeously styled Dutch Design Photo booth, which features designers Max Lipsey, Mae Engelgeer, Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baptist, Joost Veldhuizen and the flooring company VESCOM. You can have your vintage portrait taken for only 2 Euro!

Last but not least the famous ‚Vintage Photo Camera Rental Service’! Come and join us, to head out to shoot the most obscure parties, interesting exhibitions and dinner with the family in a small pop-up restaurant on that new design location. The photos will all be compiled on our site – TheVintagePhoto.com – as an informal overview of the week. 15 Euro gets you a day of old-fashioned photo fun. Your photos will be sent to your home shortly after the Dutch Design Week. Come and rent your favourite vintage camera! Reserve a camera here.

Vintage Photo Exhibition
15 SEP – 15 NOV 2014
Selection of the crowd sourced visual document from the Dutch Design Weeks 2012 and 2013.

Dutch Design Souvenir Photo 
18 – 26 Oct 2014
With featured designers:
Max Lipsey for Cappellini
Mae Engelgeer produced by ICE
Bertjan Pot for DHPH
Maarten Baptist for JOINE
Joost Veldhuizen for VanJoost

Vintage Photo Camera Rental Service
18 – 26 Oct 2014
Order now in our shop.

‘t Koffiehuisje (exhibition, souvenir photo, rent & return)
Ketelhuisplein 1, Eindhoven

You Are Here (rent & return)
Kleine Berg 32a, Eindhoven

Maarten Baptist (joine.nl) & Thomas Dahm (dahm.nl)

‘T Koffiehuisje
Eindhovens Dagblad 
You Are Here 
CityFoto Eindhoven
FUJI Benelux
Drukkerij Wihabo

Graphic Design
Thomas Dahm

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